Replace McAfee® Vulnerability Manager
with Tripwire IP360

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Highly Accurate Assessment for Effective Response

  • Broad coverage for over 83000 vulnerabilities, 16000 applications, and 2500 operating systems
  • Tripwire VERT (Vulnerabilities and Exposures Research Team) is Tripwire’s dedicated team of security researchers committed to providing coverage for vulnerabilities that matter to the enterprise.

Granular Prioritization to Focus on Business-critical Risks

  • Tripwire Risk Score combines exploit availability, risk class, and vulnerability age to pinpoint the greatest risks
  • Risk Matrix report enables customized plan of attack based on organizational goals and risk appetite
  • Combined change and vulnerability assessment to highlight IoCs

Instant Search Results for Fast Response

  • Search device, application, and vulnerability inventories
  • Tripwire FOCUS provides real-time analytics with business context via a query-based interface to historical scan data
  • Real-time Search of Inventory & Assessment History

Enterprise Reporting

  • Scan independent reporting
  • Reports address a wide range of enterprise audiences including auditors, executives, IT and security groups.

Enterprise Architecture

  • Tripwire IP360 provides centralized management with role-based access control and multi-tenancy capabilities
  • Distributed appliance-based architecture speeds scanning
  • VMWare, AWS, and Hyper-V deployment and assessment

Solution Brief: Replacing McAfee Vulnerability Manager With Tripwire

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