Tripwire Axon

Modular • Scalable • Resilient • Multi-Service • Extensible

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One Platform for Endpoint Intelligence

Next generation endpoint data collection & communication platform that delivers resiliency, visibility, and responsiveness for security, compliance, and IT operations

Challenges with Endpoint Data Collection

Siloed Data Collection

Silos of security data are focused on a specific control but can’t be correlated with other controls

Network Dark Zones

Dark zones are areas in networks where connectivity is intermittent or where access is tightly controlled

Endpoint Blind Spots

Blind spots are devices that can’t be monitored with existing endpoint technology. For example, embedded OSes and systems with low compute power

Moving/Transient Systems

Virtual systems or systems that switch networks frequently often get disconnected from their consoles and are unable to deliver endpoint data

Tripwire Enterprise delivers unique value on the Tripwire Axon platform

Tripwire Axon

Enables Tripwire Enterprise to:

  • Monitor more endpoints
  • Improve agent resiliency
  • Eliminate data blind spots
  • Minimize impact on endpoints and network
  • Reach slower, inconsistent or secure networks

Customer Benefits

Tripwire customers will see lower total cost of ownership, improved responsiveness, and more value from their existing Tripwire installation.

New customers will get innovative new technologies that will allow you to get more from your existing resources.


Tripwire Axon Datasheet

Tripwire Axon Platform



Access point enables agents to securely communicate with the Message Bus to eliminate network dark spots

Message Bus

Message Bus

Manages data flow to integrated applications to help eliminate data silos

Agent Manager

Agent Manager

Administers agent health and readiness to ensure proper connection and data transfer


Lean, agile, and natively compiled to gain visibility on many common enterprise endpoints

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