Retail Cyber Threat Summit: Insights and Strategies from Industry Experts

In this webcast, several experts who deal with retail security at different phases of the retail breach lifecycle will provide insight and guidance on what retailers can do to fight back. Experts are: Randal Cox, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder at Rippleshot, Sam Heiney, Product Solutions Director for Netop, Jeremy Henley, Director of Breach Services at ID Experts, Scott Waddell, CTO at iovation, and Ken Westin, Security Analyst at Tripwire Inc.

The topics covered will include:

  • Identifying what is driving the increase in retail breaches and common attack vectors
  • How organizations can prevent these points of intrusion, as well as detect behavior on their network associated with the intrusions and point-of-sale malware.
  • How breaches are detected after the fact, through the use of big data and fraud analytics detecting stolen credit card transactions
  • How retail organizations should respond when there is a breach, steps to notify customers and other details around cleanup of a compromise