Tripwire streamlines Basel II compliance with IT compliance automation

Your customers depend on you to safeguard their financial security, The Basel II standard was created to minimize the financial and operational risks all banks face. Tripwire solutions simplify compliance by providing comprehensive protection, instant detection and automatic correction of undesirable changes and suspicious events. Together, they work to mitigate your risk, increase system availability and protect your operational and economic stability.

Tripwire’s comprehensive solution:

  • Mitigates operational risk through automated change detection or unauthorized activities in internal processes and systems due to internal failure or inadequacy.
  • Enforces compliance with disclosure policies for proprietary and confidential information.
  • Automatically generates detailed audit trails to support the assessment process over the appropriateness of disclosures, including the examination of validation and frequency.
  • Enables change control across your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Automates the repair of configurations that intentionally or accidentally occur from secure and compliant states.

Tripwire Enterprise Product Brief

Next-Generation Threat Protection

Your data and critical assets need advanced security and compliance. Tripwire makes the industry-leading threat protection software that can ensure that your data is safe. Get a product demo or contact our sales team to get Tripwire today.