Tripwire simplifies compliance with Bill 198

In order to comply with Bill 198, companies must implement and evaluate internal controls over financial reporting, as well as provide documentation that demonstrates the effectiveness of the information security in place. Tripwire enables you to adhere to the change management principles of Bill 198 by supplying evaluation tools and audit-ready reports.

Tripwire’s comprehensive solution:

  • Provides continuous compliance with the requirements of Bill 198, along with comprehensive configuration assessment policies.
  • Tracks and audits all change and suspicious events, generating an audit trail of authorized and unauthorized change to help evaluate whether their controls are effective.
  • Automates the repair of configurations that have intentionally or accidentally fallen from secure and compliant states.
  • Investigates the source of any unauthorized change, keeping the management’s report fresh. Also demonstrates the effectiveness of company controls while detecting (and reporting) any material weaknesses in them.

Tripwire Enterprise Product Brief


COBIT addresses the three elements of the term “disclosure control and procedures requirements.” It is a good starting point for companies seeking to comply with the internal control, disclosure control and procedure requirements of Bill 198. Tripwire Enterprise incorporates the COBIT framework through custom configuration assessment profiles used to help organizations maintain compliance with those parts of the standard.

Next-Generation Threat Protection

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