MAS: Monetary Authority
of Singapore Guidelines

As part of their overall risk management framework, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) published the Internet Banking Technology Risk Management (IBTRM) guidelines to provide banks with a sound framework of risk management principles and security best practices to assist them in:

  • Establishing a sound and robust technology risk management framework
  • Strengthening system security, reliability, availability and recoverability
  • Deploying strong cryptography and authentication mechanisms to protect customer data and transactions

First published in 2001 and updated in 2008, the latest version of IBTRM contains expanded guidance for combating cyber threats and attacks, including emerging exploits. Technology risk management requirements for strengthening system, network and infrastructure security have also been enhanced. In addition, a consultation paper was published in June 2012 that proposed further enhancements in the areas of change management, security configuration management, and vulnerability assessment. This update, as well as a compliance checklists for implementing IBTRM, is available from the MAS web site.

Tripwire solutions help customers address IBTRM compliance guidelines through:

  • Security configuration management to harden systems configured to the security settings consistent with the level of protection required
  • Continuous monitoring of systems to detect suspicious activities and provide security alerts
  • Logging and analysis of system activities and security logs to audit suspicious traffic and intrusion attempts

MAS TRM Guidelines: The Ultimate Authority on Financial Services Security

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