Tripwire IP360, CCM, & SIH Training

These courses are intended for those who will be the primary operators and administrators of Tripwire IP360, CCM, SIH, or a combination thereof. The material is offered as elearning or onsite classes and the details for each is listed below. The course material for each subject remains the same whether delivered as eLearning or an onsite class.

Course Agenda (PDF)


Tripwire Self-Study courses couple rich multimedia content with supplemental exercises and tutorials to ensure knowledge retention. Once a course is purchased you will receive login information, then you'll have unlimited access to the course for 30 days. Each class generally takes between 8-16 hours total and is largely dependent on the student’s dedication and time commitment to the material as well as their individual learning style.

There are 3 options for Self-Study within Suite 360: IP360/SIH, CCM/SIH, or IP360/CCM/SIH. You can select the most appropriate class based on your individual solution.

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Onsite Training

Bring a Tripwire Trainer to your team! Onsite training may be an option if you have a large group. In this scenario, you provide the facility and setup for the class and the instructor comes to you! The students will need to plan to be committed to the just as if they were attending a traditional classroom class. It is important to note that the training is done using Tripwire VMs and is not done on your live installation. This class is available for up to 12 students in a variety of combinations, depending on your installation.

This option may be delivered as a virtual class as well. Please discuss this with the Training Department prior to purchase if you intend to pursue that option.

Onsite Requirements

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